Friday, November 14, 2008

Update 11/11/08

**Research Capacity Development Programme**

Career Development Fellowship (NIHR-CDF) - The NIHR-CDF will offer 3 years full-time (4 or 5 years part-time) funding to individuals who have significant and successful post-doctoral experience.

Doctoral Research Fellowshop (NIHR-DRF) - The NIHR-DRF will offer 3 years full-time funding to undertake a PhD and is aimed at individuals of outstanding potential early in their research careers.

Senior Research Fellowship (NIHR-SRF) - The NIHR-SRF will offer 5 years funding to undertake a programme of research and is aimed at outstanding individuals who are currently independent researchers and can demonstrate the potential to become academic and researcher leaders within the duration of an award.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship (NIHR-PDF) - The NIHR-PDF will offer 3 years full-time funding to individuals who are able to demonstrate their potential as researchers but do not, as yet, have sufficient experience to be fully independent.

Applications for all the above fellowships must be submitted by 1.00 pm on Wednesday, 7th January 2009.

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